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The Right Balance in Cell & Organ Preservation

Whether you work in human or veterinary research and testing, you need the right supplies to do an effective job in research or pathology. Lifeblood Medical, Inc. is your source for the highest quality cell and organ preservation fluid. Our goal is to provide you with what you need to make sure that samples and organs remain usable in whatever manner they are required.

Lifor™ Organ Preservation Medium

Medium for Animal Organs & Tissues

Lifor™ is a proprietary solution with a number of unique characteristics. Non-animal protein solution capable of carrying oxygen and promoting metabolism over a wide range of temperature gradients, including room temperature.

Lifor™ acts at the cellular level, preventing organ and tissue damage and also reversing harvesting damage. This is a major advance over current technology and significantly extends organ and tissue viability for transplant.

Lifeblood Medical is proud to announce that our Lifor™ product is now being sold by Cell Preservation Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lifeblood Medical. Our growth is thanks to our loyal customers and the forward thinking Research they perform each and every day. To read more information about Lifor™, please read our Material Safety Data Sheet.

Product Sizes:
1000 ml - #50001 | 500 ml - #50003 | 100 ml - #50005


Aedesta™ organ and tissue perfusion medium is a unique, proprietary solution that is used for perfusion or static storage of human organs and tissues. Our solution not only significantly extends the preservation time, but it also continuously nourishes the organ or tissue cells through its own proprietary oxygen and nutrient carrying properties. To learn more about Aedesta™, please read our Material Safety Data Sheet.

Product Sizes:
1000 ml - #60001 | 500 ml - #60003 | 100 ml- #60005

Adesta™ Organ Preservation Medium

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