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For more than 10 years, Lifeblood Medical, Inc. has provided medical and veterinary professionals with supplies that optimize research and testing. Our cell and organ preservation fluid keeps samples viable during transport and transplantation.

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When trying to save the life of an animal, time is precious. You also need the right veterinary supplies to help maintain an animal's life functions. We carry proprietary veterinary intravenous fluids and other supplies that help keep animals alive.


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Our biotechnology company has health care supplies that help you successfully perform research and testing. Lifeblood Medical, Inc. is uniquely positioned to succeed in multiple emerging health care markets, including organ preservation and transportation, veterinarian resuscitation solutions, and oxygen therapeutics, commonly referred to as the "blood substitute" field.

Our products do not contain human/animal protein. In 2007, we received a patent for our new technology, and we are patented in 24 countries around the world.

While competitors pursue solutions with limited scientific or economic potential, Cell Preservation Solutions (CPS), a subsidiary of Lifeblood Medical, offers a core technology that has numerous potential applications, a strong strategic alliance with a US government research center, and a cost-effective business model and strategy.

CPS is venturing into the biopathology field, including tissue banking and other aspects. Our company's growth is also continuing into the veterinary research market.

Recipient of Technology Award from Frost & Sullivan (March 2008)

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